Cherie Schierbeek


Cherie joined the company in 2000 and officially retired in 2020.    Yes, she's still on the website because she still comes in to make sure we don't wreck the company she helped build!   in addition to being a partner in many of the company's projects, Cherie has helped guide the growth of the business over the last 20 years. Her primary focus is accounting, finance, transaction analysis and tax preparation. Cherie works with our lenders and manages the construction loan process for all of our projects and provides adult supervision around the office.  Cherie spends her free time playing with her children and grand children at her cottage on Stony Lake.

Our latest excitement lies in growing a newly formed company called Terra Firma Holdings.  While similar in nature to Terra Firma Development, this entity is largely employee-owned and the simple goal is to do more of the same work as our parent company, but with an emphasis on creating long-term revenue streams to reward those who really make it all happen around here. The initial focus of this entity has been on smaller industrial and retail buildings, with an emphasis on local retail renovation along the Wealthy St. corridor.

Historic Preservation to Modern Industrial Complexes

Founded in 1996...

Terra Firma Development specializes in commercial and industrial real estate development in West Michigan. Since 1996, we have been building new facilities and re-developing and renovating historic structures, helping to re-establish vitality and growth - as well as providing cool, modern places for people to work and grow their companies.

Justin Hood

Project Manager

 Justin returned to TFD in 2022 when we needed him most, and directs all property management functions as well as construction management and is Tenant liaison for Lease management and Tenant buildouts, move-ins, and much more.      If you see him with tools, it means he felt like doing it himself ! Justin's style is "calm but urgent" and his effortless attention to detail says the same thing every time: this project is on its way to the finish line !      Justin and Beth have a  squad that is 5-kids strong, yet he still has energy for endless building upgrade projects.    Known to us because of sailboat racing, Justin is highly accomplished in the sport, in his real estate career, and in the sincere energy he brings to all his relationships both personal and professional.   

Eric Wynsma

Project Lead

​For  26 years, Eric has focused on project identification/acquisition, finance, and managing the brokerage process to re-tenant the facilities upon completion of construction and/or renovation, usually as long-term investment holdings. Eric has owned more than 60 industrial, office, and retail buildings.  An avid sailboat racer during the summer months, he spends the winter with his wife Kathy traveling and skiing with their three kids, or can be found at his vacation spot in downtown Harbor Springs.

Pattie McGovern

Business Manager​​

New to Terra Firma in 2019, Pattie's primary roles include book keeping, tracking rents, paying bills, managing the acquisition process and securing loans for new developments and construction projects, along with several other property management functions and related Lease-up processes.  Pattie brings a diverse history in retail, processing and customer relations.  As  part owner in a series of retail buildings along the Wealthy Street corridor, she plays a large role in the redevelopment of these exciting Historic structures! Pattie spends her free time with her husband and two daughters at their ski chalet up north and attending the girls' sailing, skiing,  and running endeavors.

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Terra Firma specializes in historic renovation with an emphasis on blighted neighborhoods that are on the verge of economic resurgence. Working with the State of Michigan, Eric helped create two new Renaissance Zones in the City of Grand Rapids, which led to the creation of more than 100 new jobs and resulted in over $60,000,000 of investment by ourselves and others.

​Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Development in West Michigan since 1996

​​​Historic Renovation
Terra Firma initially focused on industrial property development, but began to see the need for the rehabilitation of large commercial buildings.  We noticed that many older urban areas had lost and continued to lose population, employment opportunities, private investment and tax base. The goals of our urban projects include increasing the desirability and benefits of walkable, mixed-use, vibrant and architecturally interesting neighborhoods.
After buying and selling some smaller properties, our first significant project was the initial acquisition of the Brass Works Building in 1997, before forming a partnership to renovate the  200,000 square foot structure into loft-office space.   The Brass Works project is located in what was then a "fringe" neighborhood; it was the first major renovation of the area now known simply as "Monroe North."  The Brass Works project received  Economic Development Awards from the City of Grand Rapids and the State of Michigan and is regarded locally as the brightest example of neighborhood revitalization in our market.